Centenary Square Bradford

Bradford Student Safe Spot

The Student Safe Spot Initiative is a Community based safety scheme resulting from a partnership of organisations including Bradford University, Bradford College, West Yorkshire Police and City Centre Beat.

City Centre Beat acts as the host organisation to create a network of premises in the vicinity of Bradford College and university where members of the public and students can seek refuge and be provided with support when they are the victims or potential victims of crime or harassment.

There are currently a total of 40 CCB member premises that form the network of safe refuges located within a mile radius of the College and University campuses.

CCB has trained each member in how to deal with people requiring assistance. Each member is provided with a laminated card which provides guidance on how to help victims. Till stickers and distinct yellow membership stickers for display are also provided to indicate their participation in the scheme.

Students are made aware of the scheme through fresher fairs and various student media. Each Student is provided with a Student Safespot laminated card.

The scheme is monitored by visits to member premises by representatives of CCB and Student Unions.

Regular meetings are held between key partners to monitor and develop the scheme.