West Yorkshire Police Award for Bradford BCRP Staff

Mark Plovie, Bradford City Centre Beat (CCB) crime intelligence coordinator has been given an award for ‘Extraordinary Public Service’ for his criminal intelligence work. Mark is a member of West Yorkshire Police support staff who has worked with CCB for over 10 years. As a former police officer he worked throughout his 31 year career in Bradford city centre and his knowledge of the Bradford city centre criminal fraternity is extensive and of great benefit to CCB.

The award was presented to Mark on 12th May by West Yorkshire chief constable, Dee Collins at the West Yorkshire policing awards, which was also attended by police and crime commissioner, Mark Burns-Williamson, senior West Yorkshire police command team members, plus families and friends of the various award winners and was hosted by BBC Look North presenter Phil Bodmer.

This was the 4th police award Mark has received within a six month period for his initiative, knowledge and proactivity in identifying crime and criminals in the city centre, but this award was the most prestigious. The award citation stated “Mark`s knowledge and partnership working has brought a genuine reduction in offending and his knowledge has proven vital in bringing offenders to justice”.

Mark routinely identifies suspects from various images such as the West Yorkshire police `Caught on Camera` website and many other sources of imagery and intelligence. He has a great eye for detail and pays particular attention to offender’s facial features, clothing and other unique personal characteristics.

Steve Longbottom. Bradford CCB manager said, ‘Mark presents a weekly crime briefing to CCB members which is of the highest quality and invariably results in CCB members spotting wanted persons, offenders and suspects.. Mark also regularly produces posters and folders for CCB members containing police custody images of regular offenders who frequent Bradford city centre.

‘There are two excellent examples of his talent for identifying offenders, the first relates to a

knife point robber who robbed three taxi drivers after he had hired taxis. Police had arrested a suspect and enquiries were on-going. Mark was unaware of this arrest when he viewed a CCTV image from Bradford hospital, and through his knowledge of local offenders identified the robber, who was arrested, convicted and imprisoned. The offender identified by Mark was not the person initially arrested by police and Mark`s work resulted in the elimination of that person.

‘The second example relates to the arrest of a male who failed to appear at Bradford Crown Court for knifepoint street robberies. The judge in the case had urged police to trace the offender as a matter of priority. Mark knew the offender from his time as a police officer but had not seen him for over 20 years. He saw the offender in the city centre and followed him covertly whilst he summoned police. The offender was arrested as a result of Mark`s actions and subsequently received a substantial prison sentence.

‘This is a much deserved award that brings great credit to Mark and to Bradford CC